At Middlespace we provide both tried and true methods of image content capture along with uniquely innovative methods using our "one of a kind" capture systems to create full 360 VR content with no visual obstructions in either axis.

When capturing stills and conventional 4K video, we use state of the art flight and capture technologies. We can capture content in a variety of formats such as DNG stills, Cinema DNG, Apple Pro Res, H.265 or H.264 in 5.2 K. Our pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed and our gimbal operators are well seasoned professionals using separate gimbal controls along with Glyph viewing assistance utilizing a SCREENLESS DISPLAY which enables seeing, not watching. The gimbal operators eyes' receive visual input in the most natural way possible and perception is effortless. The experience feels innate creating a mobile flight simulator to "fly the camera" in a concerted effort along with the aircraft pilot.


  • Construction Projects

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Wind Farms

  • Cellular Tower Inspections

  • Land Development

  • Commercial Production

  • Recreational Areas

  • Community Parks

  • Land Planning

  • Events

  • Search and Rescue

  • Aerial Topographic Surveys

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